8th ASMSS / August 8-10, 2024 / OKINAWA, JAPAN
The Annual Symposium on Management and Social Sciences

It is our great pleasure to announce that 8th ASMSS ( The Annual Symposium on Management and Social Sciences ) will take place during August 8-10, 2024. in OKINAWA, JAPAN. This time, ASMSS set a special session on "Sustainable Energy and Social Inclusion: Innovation, Impact, and Co-building the Future."

Our world is at a critical juncture where the demand for energy continues to rise, and the consequences of climate change are becoming increasingly evident. In response, it is imperative to explore innovative solutions that not only meet our energy needs but also contribute to social inclusion and environmental sustainability.

The theme underscores the importance of integrating sustainable energy practices with a focus on social inclusion. By bringing together experts, researchers, policymakers, and industry leaders, we aim to foster a dynamic platform for discussions on groundbreaking innovations, their real-world impact, and the collaborative effort needed to shape a sustainable future. Through engaging discussions, shared insights, and collaborative initiatives, we believe this conference will serve as a catalyst for positive change. We encourage participants to actively contribute to the discourse, sharing their knowledge and experiences to collectively address the challenges posed by the intersection of sustainable energy and social inclusion.

By co-building the future, we envision a society where energy solutions are not only technologically advanced but also socially inclusive, ensuring that the benefits of progress are accessible to all. We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey, where your contributions will play a crucial role in shaping a more sustainable, equitable, and inclusive future for generations to come. Together, let us explore new horizons and pave the way for a brighter and greener future.

If you have additional questions, please contact conference staffs at : asmss@asmss.org

You may find the program overview HERE

Local Host Carl Bastian

人物介紹-Carl Bastian.jpg

Inspired by the sayings, "those with the ability to act have a responsibility to take action" and "no-one can do everything, but everyone can do something", Carl is on a mission to leave the world in a better place for future generations. Carl is the Managing Director of non-profit Okinawa Coastal Protection Alliance (OCPA) , which brings likeminded marine conservationists together under a combined voice for enacting positive change in policy by actively engaging with the fisheries industry and local government to address environmental concerns and implement more sustainable practices. 

He also founded the Okinawa Sea Turtle Conservation NPO CHURAMURA in 2020– a grassroots team of over 30 volunteers who are hands-on, passionate and dedicated, coordinating prefecture wide efforts to protect the endangered Sea Turtle nesting and feeding habitats through outreach and community engagement. Their goals include creating a marine conservation education center along with Japan's first ever Sea Turtle Rescue Center and the establishment of Japan's first Sea Turtle coastal protected Sanctuary for nesting mothers. Please follow and support their work here: www.churamura.org 

Carl has been an active member of AmCham Okinawa since 2010, Governor and Chairman of two committees, Tourism & Hospitality Committee and also the Sustainability Committee. 

Other memberships include: the Australian & New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Japan (ANZCCJ), Yomitan Chamber of Commerce, Yomitan Tourism Association, GreenGlobe, Japan Sea Turtle Association etc.


"Sustainable Energy and Social Inclusion: Innovation, Impact, and Co-building the Future"

ASMSS features a special session on "Sustainable Energy and Social Inclusion: Innovation, Impact, and Co-building the Future." Submissions to this session will not be classified into separate disciplines, but will be presented and discussed together. We hope to enrich the content of this theme through these submissions. Welcome all submission related to below topics, but not limit to:

Green Life and Green Technology
Ethical Considerations in Engineering Industries for Sustainability
Sustainable Business Practices
Sustainable Social Entrepreneurship

Sustainable Urban Planning and Transportation System

The Coexistence Pathway of Environment and Technology

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Sustainable Consumption




● Communication Management
● Journalism
● Advertising
● Radio
● Television
● Film

● Language and Communication
● Information Communication
● Communication Arts
● Education Communications and Technology
● Publishing


● Linguistics
● History and Geography
● Human Geography
● Literature and Poetry
● Philosophy

● Anthropology
● Music and Art
● Regional Studies
● Religious studies
● Museums & heritage


● The overall economy and economic growth
● Econometric models and test methods
● The formation of human resources and market mechanisms
● Economic theory and mathematical economy
● The public economy and economy of public health
● The environment, resources, and agricultural economy
● Taxation
● Economic Analysis of Family interactions


● Psychology and Counseling
● Adult and Continuing Education
● Educational Theory
● Education Policy
● Civic Education and Leadership
● Special Education

● Rehabilitation Counseling
● Early Childhood Education
● E-Learning Technology
● Higher Education
● Lifelong Learning


● Banking
● Investment
● Accounting
● Finance Engineering
● Portfolio

● Emerge
● Stock Market
● Insurance
● Finance Management
● Risk Management


● Civil Law
● Criminal Law
● Public Law
● Economic and Financial Law
● Labor and Social Law

● International Human Right Law
● Legal History
● Conflict of Laws
● Copy Right Law
● Climate Change Law


● Business Administration
● International Enterprise
● Human resources
● Logistics and Supply Chain
● Organizational Behavior
● Management

● Information Management
● Electronic Commerce
● Industry Innovation
● Corporate Governance
● Management Innovation
● Hospitality and Tourism


● Political Science
● Public Administration and Policy
● International Affairs and
● Strategic Studies
● Governmental Systems & Practices
● Politics and Ethics

● International Relations
● Political Economy
● Regional Studies
● Reforming and Consolidated
● History of Western Political Thought
● Western Constitutional Thought


● General Psychology
● Experimental Psychology
● Cultural Psychology
● Developmental Psychology
● Educational Psychology
● Consulting Psychology

● Physiological Psychology
● Health Psychology
● Environmental Psychology
● Personality and Social Psychology
● Mental Diseases and Psychotherapy
● School Psychology


● Social Research or Social Science
● Social Policy and Social Legislation
● Caring or Research for the Elderly
● Social Psychology
● Family Research
● Child Research

● Online Society/Online Community
● Ethic in Society/Online Society
● Globalization Impacts
● Social Works in Modern Society
● Technology/Criminology in Society

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