The 7th Annual Symposium on Management and Social Sciences
April 1-3, 2020 Da Nang, Vietnam

Special Session

Innovation & Breakthrough: New Vision for Southeast Asia

Undoubtedly, Southeast Asia, which has the dramatically geopolitical importance and the driving forces of economic growth, has become the most competitive region for the world’ two superpowers since the escalating brinkmanship between the United States and China. The economic and political trend of Southeast Asia is playing an important role among the U.S.-China trade war and Investment and Trade competition of great powers. Under these circumstances, ASMSS 2020 will be gathering the world's scholars, professionals and academics who are interested in following tracks:

● Dynamics of International Relations and Regionalism

● Challenge of Economic Vitality

● Poverty and Inequality

● Politics, Hegemony and Civil Society

● Mobility and Migration

● Ethnicity and Gender

● Culture, Heritage and Tourism

ASMSS also welcomes paper submission of the following topics:

● Communication

● Culture

● Law

● Politics

● Management

● Education

● Society

● Economics



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