Socializing Tour

April 1, 2020

Gather for Socializing Event


Marble Mountains




Hội An Ancient Town


Return to Pullman Da Nang Resort


Spot 1: Marble Mountains

According to ancient folklore, a dragon emerged from the water on Non Nuoc Beach and laid an egg. A thousand days and a thousand nights followed before the egg hatched, and out stepped a beautiful girl. The fragments of the shell were left on the beach and eventually grew into the five mystical Marble Mountains. The Mountain of Water which is home to pagodas dating back to the 17th century and a number of caves is one the most frequented climbs with a steep hike up stone steps to Tam Quan Gate and its superb vistas to Mount Kim Son or Metal Mountain and the coastline from the Riverview Tower located next to the gate.

Spot 2: Hội An Ancient Town

Hội An is a place where the bold march of progress peters into a leisurely amble. In this one-time trading port, the Thu Bồn River meanders past crumbling shop houses and weathered pagodas, while sampans come and go from the old ferry quay. Outside the Old Town, two-lane roads slice through waving rice fields and emerge at a frothy coastline. Hội An's easygoing beauty and lantern-lit nights may leave you hopelessly beguiled.

Registration Fee for Socializing Event

Delegates: 40 USD
Accompany persons: 50 USD

*Registration Fee includes: tour guide, transportation, lunch

How to sign up for tour?
1. Login your Member Center
2. Click "Paper Management" page OR "Audience Management" page
3. Click "Pay"
4. You may see " Additional Purchase", Click it.
5. Choose "Socializing Event for Delegates'' or "Accompanying Person'' and then Click "ADD".


★ Tour Registration Deadline: Feb. 5, 2020

- ASMSS holds the right to readjust or reschedule the itinerary due to weather, traffic, and irresistible reasons.
- The tour bus will depart on time at 08:00 sharp. We strongly advise you to arrive early for the gathering.
- No refund is possible when you miss the tour bus.
- We recommend you to wear comfortable clothes without the luggage.
- If the attraction is invisible due to the weather conditions,
the tour will not be canceled and the tour fee will not be refunded.
- Participants should follow the tour guide’s instructions.
- The tour guide and ASMSS are not responsible for participants’ leave without notice and personal activities.
- The tour bus won’t wait for any personal excuse.
- ASMSS does not accept any on-site changes. Please make a reservation in advance.

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