Keynote Speaker

Dr Karen Hor Kar Lin 

Centre of Continuing and Professional Education

Singapore University of Social Sciences

Introduction of Dr Karen Hor Kar Lin 

Dr Karen Hor Kar Lin is a Lecturer in the Centre of Continuing and Professional Education, Singapore University of Social Sciences (CCPE, SUSS). At present, Karen is also a supervisor here in both the capstone projects and master degree by research. 
She specialises in the fields of education and creativity via qualitative research methods and primary school open-ended mathematics questions. Her research interests include learning theories in psychology, creativity, qualitative research methods, classroom management and special education. 
Karen has more than 10 years of lecturing experience and being a teacher trainer and supervisor at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University (NIE, NTU) in Singapore. Karen also runs workshops for teachers in the Ministry of Education in the Teaching of Special Needs Children and Fostering Parent-Teacher Relationship. 
Currently, Karen is conducting research in the areas of fostering creativity of Asians, and the experiences of life-long learners through the lenses of Vygotsky’s social-cultural theory and Dewey’s experiential learning.

Keynote Title:

A mixture of Asian and Western Cultures in Huawei’s Creativity and Innovations

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